The European Woodworking Community launches

The European Woodworking Community launches

EWC logoToday’s the day. The secret is no longer a secret!

After long and extensive preparation by the founders it comes into the open:

The European Woodworking Community is live and online.

It’s a community for all woodworking enthusiasts who share their work in some form or other on the web. It’s about exchanging ideas and questions, sharing in our common hobby and strengthening the spirit of community that exists among web-based woodworkers from all over Europe.

Come on in and become part of the community!

Membership is free.

EWC Community Admins

6 Replies to “The European Woodworking Community launches”

  1. Awesome initiative Andreas and other organizers of this community , thank you.
    Hope to meet you all in person some day.

  2. Great initiative! Just subscribed. Let’s hope a big part of the „Woodworking Europe“ members (1838) will become members here to!

  3. I find this community a great idea and I would like to contribute my part gladly. Registered I am already .. it did not even hurt. I am also registered for newsletters .. I am very happy.

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