Rob Appelman featured on the Makers International podcast

Rob Appelman featured on the Makers International podcast

Our community member Rob Appelman from the Netherlands was the featured guest on the Makers International podcast (Soundcloud, iTunes) recently.

Check out this episode in which Rob talks about his background, where he gets his inspiration and a lot of other interesting bits and pieces: Rob Appelman – EP #129 Makers International

Congratulations Rob for being featured on the podcast and for an interesting and entertaining interview.

With this post we’re starting a new category “EWC in the wild” which points you to any community members who get featured elsewhere on the web or who meet up in person somewhere. If you come across community members being featured in some form somewhere online, let uns know: Just send an email so we can post it here and get our members the attention they deserve!

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  1. EWC In The Wild, what a awesome idea.
    Thanks for the shout out, much appreciated.

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