Interview with Sam (ChiefCustom)

Interview with Sam (ChiefCustom)

In this post we like to introduce our community member Sam (ChiefCustom) from Finland. We have asked him a few questions about himself and his hobby.

These were his answers!

Please introduce yourself to our readers: Where are you from? What do you do when you’re not in the workshop, and where can we find you on the web?

Hello EWC! My name is Samuli “Sam” Raunio from Finland. I’m a professional carpenter and work full time either in my own “Sam Raunio Design” Shop or in various subcontracting projects. You’ll find me on Instagram/FB: @samrauniodesign and @samtookthesephotos

How old are you and for how long have you been practicing woodworking as a hobby?

Im 39 years old, or young … I started my woodworking as many other fellow woodworkers, as a kid. My father gave me knife and said “don’t cut to your fingers son”. So that’s pretty much the starting day of this hobby that evolved, after many twists into profession in 2014. Im happy to say that it still feels like a hobby though, I’m loving every moment!

How did you come to do woodworking and what’s your motivation to practice this hobby?

I love to create new things, it’s that simple for me. Doing stuff with my hands has always inspired me as well as the beauty in design and unique wood material. I like to think that items that I do have a “story” to tell and im just helping them to say it loud, at the most unique way possible. There’s still so many interesting techniques to master that one lifetime is sadly not enough. Compressing and bending massive wood for example, very tricky but rewarding process. The 5 year old boy in this grown up body is always asking “Why” and “Whats that”? I do have pretty curious mind, so maybe my motivation comes from there too.

Why do you share your projects on the web?

First of all, I love to see other makers work! There are so many innovative and skilled woodworkers out there. I’m simply hoping that with sharing my work, I can give some of the encouragement and inspiration back that I’ve received from others. I love to share positive words to people, it doesn’t cost anything so why not?!

What photo/video equipment do you use and why? If you make videos, what’s your typical workflow for a video?

Im trying to keep it simple, so I use my phone Oneplus3t for all my photos and videos. All the editing is done with either Snapseed or Inshot apps. I am a bit spontaneous with shooting my videos so I dont really plan them ahead, should do though for better quality.

Do you have a favourite tool? If so, what do you like about it?

A chisel. Sharp, good quality high carbon steel (HCS) chisel, cause of it’s super sharp edge. It dulls quicker but it’s easy and fast to sharpen again. Perfect all around tool and without it, woodworking would be difficult and particularly dull to me.

Another must tool for me is powerfull, vibration-free table saw with cast iron tops. My saw has a 340V/2600W motor in it, with sharp blade it ensures a great sawing experience every time I use it. And less sanding needs to be done.

Thanks for these insights and for your time! Happy woodworking!

Its an honor to be part of EWC community, a kind thank you for this opportunity to share a few bits of my carpenter life. Let’s all have fun with doing woodworks and catch up at social platforms!

Kind regards,


Patrick – PaddysWoodshop (Community Admin)

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