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I’m a teacher and hobby woodworker from southern Germany.
Some updates, a newsletter and a word about language

Some updates, a newsletter and a word about language

The first couple of days have seen our community take off quickly. Three days after we launched, we’re at over sixty members from various European countries: Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Britain, Spain, Finland, Germany and others. This is exactly what we had in mind when we developed the idea of the European Woodworking Community. So thanks to all our new members – you’re all very welcome!


As we’re planning the first steps to develop the community, we set up a newsletter for you to keep up with the posts that will be published in this blog. You can sign up for the newsletter in the sidebar on the right.  

What language to use?

We are an international community so English would be the natural language to use in our blog and Instagram posts. But all the founders and many other members are Germans. Most of us can read and understand English without any problems. But writing texts in English is a different story and not  all of us feel comfortable enough with English to do that.

We translated all the important texts on the main site so that they are available in both German and English. But translating is a lot of work and not everyone is fluent enough in both languages to do it. If we find the time, we try to provide texts in both languages, but this community – just as woodworking – is our hobby. So time is always limited.

Therefore, some posts will only be available in German while others (like this one) will be only in English. If you speak both languages well and would like to volunteer translating texts, we’d love to hear from you! Just send us an email!

We hope you understand this situation. If you don’t understand the language of a post, you might use translation software. This is not ideal, of course, but it should give you a general idea of what a text is about.

That’s it for the first update. Have a good week and happy woodworking!

The European Woodworking Community launches

The European Woodworking Community launches

EWC logoToday’s the day. The secret is no longer a secret!

After long and extensive preparation by the founders it comes into the open:

The European Woodworking Community is live and online.

It’s a community for all woodworking enthusiasts who share their work in some form or other on the web. It’s about exchanging ideas and questions, sharing in our common hobby and strengthening the spirit of community that exists among web-based woodworkers from all over Europe.

Come on in and become part of the community!

Membership is free.

EWC Community Admins

Die European Woodworking Community startet

Die European Woodworking Community startet

Heute, am 20.5.2017 ist es soweit!
Das Geheimnis ist keines mehr!

Was im Hintergrund in langer und intensiver Vorbereitungszeit von den Gründungsmitgliedern initiiert und geplant wurde, kann nun der Öffentlichkeit und der Holzwerker-Welt präsentiert werden:

Die European Woodworking Community ist online.

Kein Verein, kein Darstellungsportal eines Einzelnen, sondern die Community für ALLE Holzbegeisterten, die in irgendeiner Form ihre Projekte online stellen und der Außenwelt präsentieren.

Hier geht es um den Austausch und den Zusammenhalt zwischen Holzwerkerinnen und Holzwerkern in ganz Europa.

Sei auch Du dabei und werde Teil eines großen Ganzen.

Die Mitgliedschaft ist kostenlos.

EWC Community Admins