FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Why are some posts in German and others in English?

The European Woodworking Community was the idea of Harald Appenzeller and some other German woodworkers. However, we wanted this to be a European community because we didn’t want to exclude members from other countries.

For an international community English is probably the language choice that makes the most sense. But while all of us can read and understand English, writing texts in English is a different story. Not all of our members and community admins feel comfortable enough with English to write posts in the blog or on Instagram in English.

On top of that, it’s a lot of work to translate everything. Since we are already quite busy managing the community, we can’t always provide two versions of any posts.
If you want to help translating posts, you’re more than welcome! Just get in contact with us.

If you don’t understand one of these languages, you might want to use translation software. It’s not ideal but should give you an idea of what a text is about.

So generally, some posts will be in English and some in German. We hope you understand.

(2) How much time do I have to invest into the community?

You can choose yourself how much time you want to invest. All of us are busy and woodworking is usually our hobby. So it’s up to everyone themselves to decide how much time they can spend on community activities.

By becoming members we all agree to be open for questions of fellow members. But if you are very busy, every member will understand if you write back and tell them that you can’t answer their question at the moment. So don’t worry. Just be polite, write back on any requests so people know that you can’t reply at the moment.

(3) I’m a member. Where can I get the logo?

Log into the members area, then click the link “Tips & Guidelines” in the menu at the top. There you find a section called “Logo” where you can download the logo.